Homegrown cut flower arrangements

There is so much joy in going outside to pick flowers for beautiful  homegrown cut flower arrangements. Whether you have a cutting patch, a flower bed, a few pots of flowers or only what’s available on a countryside walk – there are so many ways to use flowers to brighten up your home.

Homegrown cut flower arrangements

Pick seasonally

It’s helpful to look at what you have in season growing in the garden or on your hedgerow walks. This allows you to make the most of varieties while they are at their best.  Team more traditional flowers with vegetation, grasses, twigs and other greenery to add textures, softness and additional colour.

Homegrown cut flower arrangements autumn trug of flowers (

Consider a colour theme, location and container

Think about the colours of flowers you have available and choose a container to complement both the flowers and the location you have in mind for the arrangement. This teacup was the perfect vessel for some short stemmed roses and dahlias. It also makes a pretty and unusual design feature on our footstool where I like to sit and ponder my To Do List.

Flowers in teacup

Be creative with your flower container!

This tiny milk jug is a perfect sweet pea vase and is a lovely surprise in the bathroom! You could use tin cans, jugs, teacups, egg cups, watering cans, mugs, water or milk bottles as well as traditional vases.

Sweetpeas in milk jug

Cut to keep outside

It’s lovely to cut flowers to keep outside as well as inside. Maybe it’s for your outdoor dining table or a small table next to a chair. This pretty water jug makes a simple vase for some summer flowers to brighten the patio.

Homegrown cut flower arrangements

Consider the greenery

Think about what greenery you have available to use. Maybe it’s something from the hedge, leaves from one of your flowerbed plants or a hedgerow invader like ivy.

Homegrown cut flower arrangements - Green leaves on fabric

Other tips for homegrown cut flower arrangements:

  • Think balance over symmetry – for example if you don’t have two of the same flower head, do you have two of a similar size or shape to add balance?
  • Remove any leaves that may end up below the water level to prevent the water from going bad.
  • Fill your vase only half full with water and use flower food if you have some. I like to save unused flower food sachets from flowers that I buy or am given.
  • Consider height – as a rule of thumb, the height of the tallest flowers will be 1.5 times the height of the container.
  • Save the flowers when the stems break…and display the flowers in a teacup or even an egg cup!
  • Choose a vase or container that fits your home decor or the theme you’d like to see – for example an autumnal coloured jug for a September display.


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