How to deseed a pepper

About this Recipe

I love peppers – they are so delicious, crunchy and sweet. They are fantastically good for you too, because they are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. Bell peppers are amazingly versatile – add them to a stir fry, roast in the oven, add them to soups and sauces or enjoy them grilled on the BBQ. I’ve tried various ways over the years to make prepping a pepper easy – and to avoid those fiddly little pepper seeds going everywhere. I’ve finally found the perfect way! So here’s how to deseed a pepper.

Red Pepper

Step by Step Instructions

Red pepper

Remove the stalk from the pepper

How to deseed a pepper step 2

Lay the pepper stalk side down and cut down in quarter chunks

How to deseed a pepper step 3

Continue removing quarters of the pepper until one section with seeds is still attahced

how to deseed a pepper step 4

Remove the seed portion from the remaining section of pepper

And there you have it – one deseeded pepper, ready to slice, chop or leave in chunks to BBQ. Quick, easy and no seeds lying everywhere to clean up! Now you know how to deseed a pepper the easy way, here are a few ideas of what to do next…

Recipe Ideas

Chopped – add to your Bolognese sauce, lasagna or lamb ragu. Fry them up with onion and add to an omelet or frittata. Perfect in soups and add to casseroles to boost their nutritional value.

Sliced – perfect in a stir fry and great to dip in hummus or to serve alongside a warm spinach and artichoke dip.

Chunks – great cooked on the BBQ, drizzled with olive oil and herbs

Large pieces – add to chunked tomatoes, cucumber and red onion – top with feta cheese and a simple drizzle of oil, salt and pepper – and you have a beautiful Greek Salad – perfect for lunch or as a side dish.

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