Why is travel good for you?

Let’s start with a great travel quote – “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller.

So there’s our first big reason why travel is good for us – it brings us some adventure. 


Most of us would benefit from a little more adventure in our life.  Adding adventure breaks us free from normal life and pushes us outside our comfort zone. Being outside your comfort zone allows us to transition and grow. We allow ourselves to tap into unknown skills and resources and we try new things.  Then, when we accomplish something new or overcome a new hurdle, it breeds our self-worth and boosts our positivity.

Adventure = Growth opportunity Why is travel good for you?

Manage stress

Travel brings us a fantastic opportunity to manage stress.  Naturally we can think about stress fading away as we swing in a hammock between two palm trees.  However, it’s the exploration of new places, trying fun experiences, meeting new people and the opportunity to use your senses more fully that helps relieve stress. A study showed that 89% of people showed a significant reduction in stress after only 1 – 2 days of travel.  We gain a huge sense of achievement when we travel and this boost in our self-esteem and confidence reduces stress because we feel more able. If travel planning feels a little stressful, then use A Dash Of Adventure to help you travel plan less, and do, see and explore more!


Making memories

Making travel memories is one of my most favourite things.  Memories last a lifetime.  They are the moments we hold most dear and the ones that stay strongest in our mind.  Have you ever been taken straight back to a holiday destination because you smell a waft from a tropical plant you once encountered, or you taste again a once familiar holiday dish?  Maybe it’s the feel of sand between your toes or the light sea mist on your face that brings you back to happy childhood vacations. 

Often, it’s the holiday experiences that didn’t quite go as planned that become part of the funny holiday memories we love to recall.  We once had a Christmas vacation with dear friends in the Florida Keys. Our snorkel adventure day turned into half the group being stung by Portuguese Man 0′ War Jellyfish.  I recalled the quote – “If you’re going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, you might as well laugh about it now.” Green with seasickness, scraping stinging tentacles off each other and slathering on salt to deactivate the sting – I asked the captain to take a photo.  You know – just to capture the moment! And indeed, the jelly fish Christmas ornament our friends sent us that year sparks memories and laughs every time we put it up!

Seashells on sand - why is travel good for you?

Review your perspectives

Travel is a great opportunity to broaden your horizon and review your perspectives. New destinations, cultures, food or experiences can help us grow and appreciate both differences and similarities.  But sometimes travel can make you appreciate home. When our family returned to the UK after living overseas, we appreciated ‘home’ in a different way.  We had a new appreciation for British hedgerow greenery, narrow country lanes, castles and cozy pubs.  Explore, review, reflect and appreciate both where you travel to and what you come home to.

Invest in yourself

Travel is an important investment in yourself.  Whether it’s downtime on a beach, time with good friends or family or time for activities and pleasures you love. Travel is the opportunity to stop and refuel your tank.  It gives you room to step away from the everyday pressures and have a little room to breathe.

Enjoy the sunset - why is travel good for you?

A time to learn 

Travelling can bring so many ways to learn. Whether it’s learning a new language, trying new flavours, trying new activities or experiencing new travel methods.  

A chance for creativity

I don’t know about you but there are some clothes I love to wear on holiday, but I’d never wear at home.  It’s not just because it’s warmer / colder or the restaurant is fancy.  It’s because sometimes on holiday it’s nice to have a change, be a little different – maybe be more creative.  And when you walk past that vendor at an overflowing outdoor market, you’ll be more likely to try that new morsel – and you’ll probably like it too!  With a clearer calendar and hopefully tech free time away, you might find conversations flow easier.  Maybe ideas for home or work come more easily to mind. Use your travel time to get creative. 

Make a difference 

Making a difference to a local charity was a huge part of my charity trek to Jordan.  Raising over £100,000 as a trek group will make a huge difference to many lives for which I feel both humbled by and proud. There are so many ways to make a difference when you travel.  Seek out those little independent shops or the local producers at markets. Eat in the charity run or outreach restaurants or cafes where your custom makes a huge difference.  Visit locations and activity providers who support local causes and that look after and protect their environment.  Or take part in a beach clean the next time you go.   

Time for relationships 

Travel can be great for rebooting relationships.  With the usual daily distractions removed, you can find time to reconnect with your fellow travelers, whether family or friends. It offers the chance to finish those often started but frequently interrupted conversations.  There’s nothing like a long beach walk to deepen conversation. Psychologists believe that side by side positioning is preferred by men when engaging in conversation as it removes direct eye contact. So that makes beach walks perfect!

Engaging in a loved one’s favourite activity can also build your relationship.  Knowing someone has prioritised something that makes you happy boosts the happiness of both parties.    

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain

Travel makes you more resilient 

It’s no wonder that when we travel, we often face a surprise or challenge.  After all, we are stepping into more unknowns than a usual day might entail.  Journeys, locations, people – there’s lots of opportunity to explore and sometimes some things to overcome.  When things don’t go to plan, you’ll probably find yourself being more resourceful than you ever thought possible.  When flights are delayed, you’ll strike up conversations and maybe friendships with people you’d otherwise let pass by. One island stay vacation, we had a power cut and in desperate need of coffee we made a brew on the gas BBQ!  Travel can show you how brave you can be, how good you are at adapting and how the unexpected isn’t so bad after all. 

Embrace all the good that travel has to offer – and turn ‘I wish I had’ into ‘I’m so glad I did.’

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