A Dash of Adventure

Hi, I’m Victoria

(or Tori for short) I’m so glad you stopped by!

I love to travel because time away is when I think the best memories are made.  It’s a time to enjoy new places, activities and culture. You can experiment with foods and enjoy meeting new people. Whether it’s a long-haul trip, time away in a campervan or a city break – travel does you good. Every trip is also an opportunity to recharge, explore and grow. I’ve been blessed with lots of travel, and I hope for much more!

In 2022 I decided to make my passion for travel, kitchen and home something more. Spurred on by the charity trek I undertook to Jordan in 2022 – I came back feeling braver and wanting to add a dash more adventure to my life. Combined with the ’empty nest’ becoming a reality – I’ve decided to embrace this new life season as an opportunity to travel and explore more. I’m also excited to get more creative in the kitchen and to appreciate what each month of the year offers.

Love Travel?

Lots of us love to travel. Maybe we love the idea of travel – however we don’t have the time needed to make trips and vacations a successful reality.  I’ve also got some friends who simply hate travel planning and some who just want help to make it easier.

I want to provide ideas and travel solutions so you can plan less and do see and explore more!

My Journey so far

What a fun exercise - counting the number of countries I've been fortunate to visit!  My travels have been such a mixture. There have been family trips away, time with my husband, fun holidays with friends, some solo adventures, and an adventurous charity trek.  I love every kind of travel from the simplicity of camping as well as 5-star luxury resorts - and everything in between.

Countries Visited

Continents Visited

Long Travel bucket list

At home and in the kitchen…

When I’m at home (and not doing my day job!) I love spending time in the kitchen. It’s my time to experiment with recipes and new ingredients to change up meal times. It’s fun to take travel inspiration and add some ‘travel to table’ ideas to meals for family and friends.

At home I want to embrace the seasons and then bring them inside to change up our home with inspirational seasonal decor. Creating homemade gifts is also a great way to add something unique to celebrations.

Along the way I’ll be capturing what I learn and turning it into authentic travel tips, kitchen recipes and at home inspiration to share with you.

More About me…

We live in the English countryside enjoying everything that a rural village has to offer. Adding to the variety of life, we also lived in sunny Colorado USA for 5 years where we made memories and friends for life. It gave us a completely different base from where we could explore! Wherever we are, I love to add a dash of travel adventure whenever possible.

Most importantly, I’m a very proud mom of two growing up fast girls and wife to my biggest supporter and best friend for over 26 years, Jason.

So that’s me!

I hope you’ll join me as I share travel ideas, recipes from my kitchen and home decor inspirations.

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