10 reasons to visit Malmö

10 reasons to visit Malmö

10 reasons to visit Malmö

Malmö is a vibrant Swedish city that makes for a perfect getaway.

Located in the far south of Sweden, it’s just a short journey across the Öresund bridge from Copenhagen in Denmark.  The city is an exciting combination of old and new, traditional and modern. Modern skyscrapers bump up against cobbled, centuries old squares.

Founded in the late 1200’s as part of Denmark, it became Swedish in 1658 and today is home to over 300,000 hugely multi-cultural residents. Water provides lots of fun entertainment options, from canal boat tours, sea view promenade walks to sea baths and saunas. Here are 10 great reasons to visit Malmö.

1. Easy to get to

There are lots of easy ways to get to Malmö, the most popular for visitors being a flight into Copenhagen (Denmark).

Once you arrive in Copenhagen Airport you can make your way easily, quickly and cheaply to Malmö which is only 30km away. Copenhagen Airport has its own dedicated train station so you can buy a train or metro ticket at a vending machine and be on your way. The trains run every 20 minutes and can take under half an hour to arrive right in the heart of Malmö at Central Station. Of course, you can drive, taxi or bus – taking the Øresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden taking a usual 45- 60 minutes.  

10 Reasons to Visit Malmo Central Station

2. Easy to get around

I love how easy it is to get around Malmö. It’s a small enough city that you can walk everywhere and get to enjoy the sights close up. It’s also a city built for pedestrians, cyclists and for e-scooters. You can hire bikes and e-scooters easily and with dedicated lanes and a flat landscape it makes getting around a breeze.


Malmo Bikes

3. Great for foodies

Malmö has so many delights for foodies! For some evening options try one of the restaurants in Lilla Torg square for some Swedish meatballs with fresh lingonberries or enjoy a Smørrebrød / Open sandwich for lunch. Wander around the inspiring Saluhall foodhall where you can try local produce as well as some delicious street food delights.  

Swedish meatballs
Open sandwich
Malmo Charcuterie

4. The Old

Gamla Staden – The old town, has pretty cobblestone streets and a medley of historic buildings. Stortorget, is Malmö’s largest and oldest square and is surrounded by 16th century architecture while Lilla Torg built in 1590, is small, pretty and full of charm. 

10 Reasons to Visit Malmo Gamla Staden
10 Reasons to visit Malmo Castle

5. The New

The Turning Torso building is contemporary design architecture at it’s best. It’s the tallest building in Scandinavia with it’s 90 degree twist from base to top. Modern buildings pop up everywhere in Malmö and nestle edgily against historic architecture.

Malmo Skyscraper
Modern Malmo
Turning Torso

6. The Parks

Malmö is famous for its parks and Kungsparken is one of the best. It has ponds, trails, lakes, whimsical statues and has lots of space for a picnic. There are plenty of other parks too including Slottsradgarden, 12,000 square metres of themed garden – an oasis in the city.


7. Scandi Beach Life

It’s not what you expect from a city break – but Malmö offers some fantastic Scandi beach life experiences! Stroll along the pedestrian and cyclist promenades, or take a dip from one of the purpose built swim decks, there’s even a historic bathing house to try!

Ribasborg Beach

8. Calm City Vibe

Malmö doesn’t feel like a city that’s in a hurry – in fact it feels decidedly laid back.  Locals head to the beach to picnic or stroll and chat.  With plenty of calm, quiet and green public spaces, beaches and boardwalks, Malmö oozes calm. The mellow vibe continues with never ending places to stop for Fika, lunch or an evening meal under a heater in a pretty square.

Quiet Malmo

9. Fika

Fika isn’t just a coffee break – it’s a Swedish lifestyle.  It’s time to enjoy a coffee and some sweet treat, but most importantly it’s the time of day to switch off from work and catch up in person.  There are so many great places to try the concept of Fika. When you do, try a Kanelbulle (a sugary cinnamon bun) or a chokladboll (an oatmeal and chocolate ball).

Coffee Cake
Fika options

10. It’s ‘local’ vibe

Malmö doesn’t have the tourist bustle of other cities so it very much gives off a local vibe. It’s nice to experience a city in the same way as the locals do whether it’s eating out, shopping or strolling around the old town. Wide pedestrian and cycle paths mean Malmö doesn’t feel crowded. Add in its small size and fewer tourists than other cities and it’s easy to understand why Malmö has that local vibe!

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