Freshly Squeezed Orange Gin and Tonic

Freshly Squeezed Orange Gin and Tonic

Freshly squeezed orange, gin and tonic

On my recent Jordanian charity trek, my tent buddy Melanie and I decided that Gin would be our ‘tipple of choice’ as a treat at the end of each day.  But as you find when packing your trek bag, space is at a premium.  Wet wipes and an extra change of underwear becomes more necessary than tonic water (which we knew wouldn’t be on offer in camp).  Nevertheless, we both squeezed in a couple of baby tonic water cans.  The heat and exhaustion of our trek meant it was day 3 before we felt ready for our first G&T.  It went down amazingly well with a squeeze of Jif lemon (well surely that’s a necessity too if you don’t even have ice?)

But come day five – disaster – we were down to our last mini can of tonic.  Even worse, we had more fellow trekkers becoming partial to a little of our gin at the end of the day. Undeterred, one of our trek leaders Huw, decided to raid the communal end of day table where you placed your unwanted items from lunch. On this occasion the middle of the table was a fairly sad display of a few tomatoes, baby cucumbers and quite a few…oranges! Nimbly, our leader, fully prepared for all eventualities, pulled out his penknife and cut the top off a cola bottle making a funnel into the bottle. He proceeded to halve the oranges and squeeze fresh orange juice, pippy and pulpy into the bottle. And voila – a refreshing desert trek drink was born…the freshly squeezed orange gin and tonic.


  • A good glug of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • A dash of tonic water (or go without)
  • Gin to your desired strength

    Serve over ice (or not, if in the Jordanian desert)

My best advice – one warm evening try the method above – imagine the drama you can create when guests arrive! – of course you have to make them sit shoes off, Bedouin style on the floor.

Freshly squeezed orange gin and tonic - G&T view
Melanie and Tori with G&T
Freshly squeezed orange gin and tonic by Huw

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