Top Photo Opportunities in Seville, Spain

Top Photo Opportunities in Seville, Spain

Top photo opportunities in Seville, Spain

Seville has to be one of the most photogenic cities in the world.  Soft lighting, warm paint tones, tropical planting and deliciously detailed architecture all make Seville perfect for a photo.  Pick the right spots at the right time of day and you’ll be able to capture all your stunning Seville moments.  Maybe you are taking photos to journal your trip or perhaps to wow family and friends when you get home.  Sometimes there is simple joy in seeking out that perfect holiday shot, the shadows, the details or the symmetry of a certain place.  Whatever your reason, here are some ideas for top photo opportunities in Seville, Spain.

Alcazar Seville


The Alcazar is a stunning Moorish Spanish Palace still frequented by the Spanish Royal Family. In fact, it’s the oldest royal palace in Europe still to be in use. It’s a breathtaking example of Mudejar design, full of history and atmosphere which is why it is great for photos.  Tour the palaces, patios and gardens and you’ll be spoilt for choice with magical photo spots.  No wonder that the producers of Game of Thrones used four separate areas of the Alcazar as backdrops for the series. The Alcazar is sure to inspire some great photographs.

Palaces in Seville

Palatial Photos

You’ll be spoilt for photo choice in some of Seville’s stunning palaces. Whether you love tilework detail, architectural symmetry, or romantic gardens, the palaces have something for everyone to photograph.

Which palace?

Casa de Pilatos is a splendid blend of Renaissance, Mudejar and Baroque styles. Fine marble sculptures nudge against manicured box hedge gardens.  Then walk in the footsteps of Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy in the Casa Palacio de Las Duenas and you’ll feel like royalty.  There are pretty courtyards, halls and gardens all awaiting that perfect photo opportunity.

Plaza de Espana Seville

Plaza de Espana

Built for the Ibero American Exhibition of 1929, the Plaza de Espana certainly is a centerpiece with scale and grandeur. 

Top tips 

Visit in the early morning for soft lighting and fewer tourists to edit out.  Allow enough time to explore the whole plaza which has been the backdrop of several movies including 2 Star Wars films.  Head up the central stairway to find a balcony spot from which you’ll be able to take a sweeping Plaza photo.  Or get up close to the detailed tilework in one of the 48 alcoves that front the Plaza building. Each alcove represents a Spanish province displaying a map, coat of arms and famous historic events. 

Seville Sunset

Seville Sunsets

Something about Seville conveys sunsets – maybe it’s the warm architectural colours contrasting with fading bright blue skies.  Whatever the magic, it only becomes more enhanced at Sunset.  So, head up high for a stunning sunset photo. Try the sunset view from the Setas de Seville, the Giralda tower or maybe it’s a good excuse to visit a rooftop cocktail bar?

Moorish detail Tiles Seville Top Photo opportunities in Seville, Spain

Ceramic tilework

You don’t have to look very far in Seville to see Moorish or Mudejar tilework.  Ceramic tilework is everywhere, from the depths of the Alcazar, above archways and doorways to the alcoves fronting Plaza de Espana.  Warm mustard tones often combine with nautical blues and burnt ochre colours. Some tiles weave intricate design while others tell stories or show historic maps. Look up, look down and get up close and personal as Seville tilework is in a league of its own and very photo worthy. 

A View from the Giralda Seville

A view from the Giralda

The Giralda bell tower of the Cathedral is the most emblematic monument in the city. Made of two parts, the Muslim lower half was built as the minaret of the Almohad mosque.  Take the 35 ramps (wide enough to ride on horseback) to ascend the upper 17th Century Christian bell tower.  Frame your photos through the windows on each side of the tower as you rise.  Or, at the top, enjoy some wonderful 360° views across this beautiful city.
Setas de Seville

Setas de Seville

The Mushrooms of Seville is a wooden and concrete column structure built over the top of the Plaza de la Encarnación.  It was the winning design structure in a city renovation competition designed by Berlin architect, Jürgen Mayer. The six large, mushroom-shaped parasols house an event space, restaurant and an Antiquarian Museum in the basement.

Take the access elevators to the top floor to enjoy a wooden walkway and viewing platforms with sweeping views across the city.  Around every corner there are interesting perspectives and photo opportunities as the wooden structure rises and falls across the skyline view.  It’s an absolute must at sunset!

So many sights and so many top photo opportunities in Seville, Spain – what are you waiting for?

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