Autumn flower arrangement ideas

Autumn flower arrangement ideas

Autumn flower arrangement ideas

The September and October garden and cutting patch is still full of beautiful flowers to cut and use in arrangements and displays at home. Choose from dahlias, roses, lilac and chrysanthemums as well as the start of autumnal greenery and berries. I love cut flowers because they bring me closer to nature and I find myself appreciating the seasons more. From growing and picking, to arranging and displaying – flowers and greenery bring us all so much pleasure. They are a perfect natural design touch to enhance any home! I love to enjoy flowers on the corner of my desk, or our bedside table as much as I do displayed more traditionally on a dining table. So let’s get outside, enjoy the cut flower picking and get inspired for some autumn flower arrangement ideas! 


Pick seasonally

There are often one or two stems of flowers still available to pick from some of my favourite plants or shrubs in September and October.  This pretty and simple display of dahlias, red sunflowers and calendula looks so pretty in a china jug in a corner of the kitchen.

Kitchen jug flowers
Autumn flower arrangement ideas - jug of flowers

Consider the container

I love to have a little rummage around the kitchen, dining room or storage areas for unusual flower containers.  There are so many creative options instead of a traditional vase.  I like a pretty tin can, jugs, mugs even a teapot or small watering can.  This small milk jug is a perfect container for this collection of autumnal shaded sunflowers, chrysanthemums and berries.  

Focal flowers

Where we live, we never quite know when the first frost is going to arrive and the cutting patch flowers might be lost overnight – until then, I try to protect what I can and make the most of each flower day! The huge cafe au lait dahlias are simply stunning.  They are shown off at their best in this traditional metal cream vase with some accent from a variety of peach hued dahlias.

Cafe au lait dahlias
Autumn flower arrangement ideas - cream dahlias


Flower arranging at home doesn’t need to be complicated or involve an armful of flowers.  Simplicity is often truly stunning.  These three cream dahlias look so elegant standing proud in a tall vintage French enamel jug. However, you might prefer popping a few final stems of lavender cut short, in an egg cup on your desk!

The colours of autumn

Nothing says September and October more than autumnal coloured flowers.  A happy mix of sunflowers, dahlias and chrysanthemums looks perfect in this terracotta coffee pot.  Try adding a few grapevine leaves and some hedgerow greenery to add some interest and a little fall flair!

Autumn flower arrangement ideas in coffee pot
Autumn flower arrangement ideas - seasonal seeds

Simply seeds

I love the architecture of seed pods and heads!  They are also one of the most inexpensive and long-lasting ways to fill a vase. Displaying your finds in an autumnal coloured vase, mug or even a teapot will add to the cozy feel. 

Garden jobs for September and October

My friend Jo is a professional gardener and my go-to for any garden advice.  Here are her top gardening jobs for the next few months:

  • Keep de-heading roses for maximum energy to the roots.  Or, leave a few rosehips for winter interest.  Make sure to remove any black spot-infected leaves from the plant or ground and don’t compost them because otherwise the fungus will spread.
  • Tomato plants – removing as many leaves as possible will encourage the remaining fruit to ripen.
  • Pick any leftover beans that might be too old for eating and remove the beans from the pods to dry and use in stews and casseroles.
  • Mow the grass, but lift the height of the blade to enable the grass to get full energy back into the roots.
  • Begin planning and buying spring flower bulbs.
  • Spend time picking the remaining apples and raspberries and remember to prune the raspberry canes to the appropriate level for your variety type.
  • Keep tidying perennials by removing damaged stems and deheading – leave some seed heads for the birds and for winter interest.
  • Use a potting shed or greenhouse to start off perennials for next year as this will produce bigger and stronger plants for next year.
  • Continue to dehead dahlia’s until the frosts start.

Looking for more autumnal inspiration?  Here’s a link to my post Simple home decorating for fall.’ 

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