How To Bring Spring In

How To Bring Spring In

How to bring spring in

After a long winter, the sight of spring bulbs, buds on the trees and the smell of hyacinths in the kitchen will make anyone smile! When the Christmas Decorations are put away and the house feels a little bare, it’s a perfect time to learn how to bring spring in.

Spring floral displays

Whether you have flowers to pick at home or you buy from the store, the beauty of spring flowers is a must for your home. Spring bulb arrangements are the one time where you can really enjoy a mix and match of both colour and types of flower and it still looks stylish! Keep the container simple and let the flowers speak for themselves. Hyacinths add that amazing smell filling the house with sweet scents for days.

How to Bring Spring In with a spring floral display in jug

How to fix drooping bulb displays

One problem I often find with indoor bulbs, is that as the greenery grows it has a tendency to droop and look – well a little messy! A great way of overcoming this issue is to create a twig nest around the bulbs as they grow. The twig nest keeps the bulbs upright as well as adding an informal spring like touch and interest. I’ve foraged our hedgerows and garden for pretty twigs that have a good number of horizontal branches. Beech or willow work particularly well, and twigs with forming buds or catkins make a pretty addition.

Hyacinths in cream container with twig nest

Pretty blossom

There’s not much prettier in spring than blossom. Frothy and delicate – blossoms can appear from early spring right through to early summer. Pick a branch or two for a simple and classic display.  Enjoy just a twig or two to put in a tiny jar on your work desk. Make sure to make you stop and appreciate the beauty of spring at your next coffee break.

Pretty spring blossom

Beautiful bulbs

On a springtime visit back to Colorado, I fell in love with this eye-catching tulip bulb display in my good friend Teresa’s beautiful home. 11 tulip bulbs, simply planted in a cylindrical glass vase, their roots creating an interesting base.  With each day that we stayed, the bulbs opened up with a stunning effect. Reuse the vase again next year for another display or use at other times of year with a simple candle.

Indoor tulip bulb display

Prepare for the season

Each year in early December I spend a few hours in the greenhouse preparing for spring. It’s a satisfying time, preparing for the months of January and February when the Christmas decorations are down and all we want is spring to be here. I plant various containers with narcissus, hyacinth or muscari bulbs. Part of the fun is to be creative about the vessels to plant the bulbs in. I’ve experimented with jugs, mugs, metal containers or simple terracotta pots.

Bulbs and twig nest in blue jug

Prepare for next Spring

When spring is in full force, it’s a great time (and a good excuse) to take a mindful stroll around your garden space. I like to notice the bulbs that have come and gone, and take photos and an inventory of how many colours and varieties were in my spring showing and if there were plenty to pick to ‘Bring Spring In’. Add a diary note for November or December of what you’d like to buy and where you’d like to plant them. Don’t forget to set aside some time to do some planting in the weeks ahead. Your future spring will thank you! 

Small daffodils in a border

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